Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Thanks to all the (surprisingly many) people who tell me, as I meet them on the road, that they read our blog. One or two have asked me to give a bit more information about how I am spending my time. (They clearly think I am idly unemployed!) So I do that here.

Life is very busy but enormously enjoyable. I am enjoying every minute of being President! Not in the 'pomp and ceremony' bits so much, which aren't really 'me', but in the honour and privilege of going places and being received with warmth by people who do not necessarily know me, but rejoice in the visit of the President.

Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago to describe the role, and almost before thinking I replied 'It's swanning around with purpose'! That one-liner has stuck, and I repeat it often.

Last week in Germany was great - see next weeks Methodist Recorder article about a deep spiritual experience in Barmen.

My life is made harder, inevitably, by the unexpected privilege of being the nominee to Conference as the next General Secretary of our Church. So, for example, last week this involved returning from Germany to participate in interviews for Connexional posts, then a 4.00am start the next day to catch a plane back to Germany, where what was originally 7 days activities were squeezed into 4.

So intensely enjoyable but, at the moment, considerably exhausting.

This week Ruby and I attended the Methodist Council Monday and Tuesday, and I then traveled on to Queens Foundation in Birmingham. I was asked to preach at the weekly Eucharist, but also to welcome those from all around the world who have come to study at SOCMS (Selly Oak Centre for Mission Studies), many through the Methodist systems of bursaries and the like. That was a highlight for me. I enjoy all worship, but after all these years of belonging to the Cliff College Community, which is international in nature, I am most at home in such an environment. It is just better when we gather from north and south and east and west to worship the Lord! So thank you Queens for the invitation.

Today has been a day in the office, meeting a couple of folk and answering lots of letters, inquiries etc. I've struggled a bit because Sue, my secretary is on holiday this week.

I turn now to get ready for a visit to the Cornwall district, so that's the rest of today and tomorrow till lunchtime spoken for.

Thank you for all your assurance of prayer - we really do appreciate them.

More in due course.



Anonymous said...

Dear Martyn, as always we are amazed at all the president does in his/her year of office but this must be a first...Secretary designate and President!. We pray you will be sustained and able to "sleep on a clothes line"
Thank you and Ruby for all your service and leadership to and for us
Regards Jean and Eric Ball

James Church said...

Congratulations Martyn - May God bless you as you seek to lead the "People called Methodists" into God's future.

Jan said...

Martyn, thanks for coming to Queens. It was good to see you again. Your visit was much appreciated by many people. Jan.