Thursday, 25 October 2007

A Church like Tubestation

I promised some more info from Cornwall...

Sunday afternoon was spent 'opening' Tubestation ( This is a great story of what can happen with a lot of vision, resolve and hardwork. The Methodist chapel has enjoyed the idyllic views over the beach at Polzeath for 100years, and in recent years the congregation got down to a few faithful souls. Led by their minister, Gareth Hill, the small aged congregation caught the vision of a mission to the surfing community that filled the beach.

The result is tubestation, the chapel now completely refitted to include skateboarding facilities, cafe, prayer room and soon to open Christian surfwear shop.

The opening was great. It was packed to the gunnels with young folk and families. Nibbles were served, a band played, I cut the ribbon and said a word or two of encouragement and congratulation.

Over 100 people are currently attending morning worship a-la- surfing community, each Sunday.

I can't forsee a time when there is a tubestation on every beach in Britain. But I do rejoice that a need was first discerned, then resolve and determination was created to respond to the need. Whatever else they bring, Fresh Expressions bring a sense of energy, purpose and relevance. Long live tubestation! And many more equivalents in the near future.

Off to Newcastle, will log in soon.



Sally said...

wonderful, wonderful to see a vision fulfilled- and it is happening all over in less dramatic ways- one of our Circuit Chapels has embraced a Cafe style service and is growing and changing as it welcomes the folk it set out to reach- there is life in Methodism!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the thought of Gareth Hill and his ageing friends surfing and skateboarding - I presume they're joining in too!!!!!!!
It's not just a good idea, it seems its a God idea -And can it be that Methodism loses its chains of tradition-we must go for it big time and hold the name of Jesus everytime in highest honour. Any vision that's built around relationship is bound to grow and develop-surfers and shoppers alike want Jesus not a hymn sandwich that makes us burp amen for evermore. Absoloutely brilliant!