Sunday, 21 October 2007

Cornwall Calendar

What a great time we are having in Cornwall! Ruby has had her great time as she has just caught the train back to London, as she points out to me 'some of us have to work for a living!'. I'm staying until Tuesday.

I'll let Ruby tell you about her visit, but I've had great fun, visiting Newlyn Church, and its lifeboats, and accidentally being driven around industrial estates (thanks Bob)! In a few minutes I go to 'Tubestation' a surfer congregation - I'll say more about this some other time.

Yesterday was a 'resourcing renewal' day at Saltash, and it was great to see so many there on a lovely Saturday - true commitment. I hope it went well. I'm one of these people who, when I am responsible for input, have no idea how it has 'gone'. But at the very least it again indicated a deep desire among many Methodists to be open to God's renewing - both in themselves and the Church. Which is wonderful.

This morning Ruby and I were at Truro Methodist Church, along with several hundred others, and Mayors and Civic officials from all over West Cornwall. We paraded from the town hall to the church dressed in great finery - chains of office everywhere. The bubble was burst a little when we heard a small child say as we passed in dignified silence - 'Mummy, why are all these people dressed funny?' Out of the mouths...!

The service was great. The young adults of the church were having a weekend as 'slum survivors', camped out with a wood fire and some bin bags, and some ghastly grub in order to raise awareness of the millions of people worldwide who live permanently in such conditions. Well done, guys! Ruby did a great ten minute address based on slavery and freedom through the Gospel, which really hit the spot. So a good do all round.

Anyway, off surfing (I hope they don't want me in a wetsuit!)...


Olive Morgan said...

I gather they were hoping that you would try the skateboard pulpit though! I'm waiting to see how you managed that!

Sally said...

preaching from a skateboard pulpit in a wetsuit???

Sounds fascinating- seriously though, I am so encouraged by the inovative thinking of the folk behind tubestations ministry, praying that more might respond in that way.