Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Cut the carbon celebration service

Just stopped to have a coffee after service at St Paul's Cathedral. A team of marchers from rich and poor countries have marched for 1000miles, from Northern Ireland, through Scotland Wales and England, to call for the UK government to cut carbon emissions. The march has had representatives from every continent bar Antarctica. They began on 14 July and completed their march today at St Paul's Cathedral.

It was a great occasion and I was particularly moved by the interview with Chirhalwirwa Murhambro from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He had gone on the march to emphasise the message that his country has contributed virtually nothing to the causes of climate change but is being massively effected by the results.

It was a wonderful service with excellent music in a fabulous setting but the campaign goes on. Why not go to http://www.christianaid.org.uk/climatebill and email your MP? And what are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint? Let us campaign but also make sure we are examining our own actions too.


Miles Clarke said...

from a carbon footprint standpoint the closure of our small rural churches makes no sense.
Kind Regards,

Methodist Preacher said...

I hope that the desire to cut carbon emmissions is not going to be used to justify inactivity.

Micky said...

Visit the No New Shoes blog at nonewshoes.blogspot.com to find out ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Sally said...

confirming- no new shoes is a great and challenging site...