Friday, 10 July 2015

This is a picture of me with Mrs Phoebe Dawson of Ashton on Ribble Preston, she was my first ever secretary and although I drove here crazy in so many ways she taught me so much. I've always known that if I confided in her it went no further. She has a deep honest faith influenced by Revd Leslie Wheatherhead and is gifted in prayers for healing. As a highly intellegent woman she had to fight career wise in a mans world in the late 1960s she started 'Age Concern Preston' against all odds
Five years ago she suffered a serious stroke just after her 90th Birthday now in the Nursing Home young girls - carers come and talk to her and she prays for them. It was such a delight that she made the huge effort to come over to Southport to see me inducted - she has always encouraged me and beleived in me. Her latest project is to have 'Prayers for the Sick' in the Nursing Home - 'Well what better place to offer healing grace than here'.
I thank God for women like her and the inspiration she brings

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