Friday, 10 July 2015

Connected across the Connexion

As the sun went down on Conference in Southport last week, I stood in the middle of the beach labyrinth and thanked God who is at the centre of all our connectedness. I had a powerful sense of being part of a Connexion across time and space. At Conference I met so many wonderful people, including Bishop Hannah from the Gambia, who blessed us all with her message of encouragement, the gracious and humble Bishop of Liverpool, Paul Bayes, and Dave from Buckland Brewer, who sat behind me at Conference last year! 

One of the joyous tasks Steve and I had to do during Conference was sign letters of greetings to people, including some who had been in ministry for over 60 years! What I had not expected was the humbling and amazing response from some who, although physically unable to attend Conference, were fully participating, ‘glued to the laptop following the addresses and speeches and arguments.’

I learnt that ‘live streamers’ are of all ages, not just the young, and had clearly underestimated the ability and enthusiasm of older people, including those in their 80s and 90s, to join the ‘online community’. I rejoice to be part of a Connexion that is more truly ‘connected’ than I could ever have imagined. It is part of our great Methodist heritage (even the 18th century spelling!), and now I have got to discover how to be a blogger!

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