Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Glimpses of Glory in Lent - Days 32, 33, 34

When I began my attempt to blog every day during Lent I wrote of the blogs, "They may be very brief and because I am human I may miss the occasional day." I have missed three days and this evening I met some-one who had been following each day and was pleased to see me because they thought I might be unwell. Thank you for your concern.
I haven't been unwell but there has been much to do and not enough time to blog as well. At least, there was time to blog, but not the time and space for the reflection that is necessary preparation for the blogs.
So, tonight I looked at the themes of Stephen Cherry's meditations for the three days I missed - they were Grace, patience and simplicity.
I have no doubt of my dependence on God's grace, of my need to grow in patience with myself and with others, and I share the prayer for simplicity and for contentment.

Now, I am allowing myself to move on and to engage with the meditation for today. I hope to blog about it later tonight, or perhaps tomorrow morning. But I am still human so I ask your patience and rely, as always. on God's grace.

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