Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Glimpses of Glory in Lent - Day 35 Gentleness

Gentleness is so often underrated.

Too often gentleness is equated with weakness.
In this meditation we pray that we will be gentle when angry, gentle in word and work. (Read it here)
These things are possible but all too infrequent.
Too often we believe that the loudest and strongest, the harsh and unrelenting voices will and should prevail.
Too often we drive ourselves hard and beat our pain and anxiety into submission.
Too often we do the same to others.

And yet, Jesus was gentle with Zacchaeus. Jesus was gentle with the rich young man who couldn't let go of his wealth. Jesus was gentle with his friends when they still didn't understand.

There can be great strength in gentleness -
the strength of God who - thanks be to God - is gentle with me.

(Reflection on Gentleness by Stephen Cherry in Barefoot Prayers)

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