Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Glimpses of Glory in Lent - Day 27 The Depths of the news

"Let me attend to the depth of the news" (Stephen Cherry - On hearing the news in Barefoot Prayers)

It can be so easy to miss the depths of the news:
to listen to it in the background as I do something else;
to skim the headlines without attending to the substance of the text;
to forget to question;
to believe the spin.

It can be so difficult:
to recognise my own prejudice;
to challege my presuppositions;
to allow myself to hear what is dfficult and painful.

Yet, when I do enter the depths.
When I do "let my inner eye run with tears"
When I do "let my soul sing"-
then the news ceases to be remote;
then response ceases to be an option and becomes an imperative.

So "let me attend to the depths of the news"
for God's sake.

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