Friday, 19 July 2013

It's all relative

Yesterday I met with Rev Keith Albans, Director - Chaplaincy and Spirituality for MHA. We met at Hinton Court in Guisborough which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

Revd Dr Keith Albans, Lesley France and me - at Hinton Court
Conference representatives received a copy of the MHA Prayer Diary, In the Hollow of His Hand, which has been compiled for the 70th anniversary year of MHA. On the front cover is a picture of the hands of a 100 year old woman holding a small fir tree sapling. The fir tree can live for a thousand years, it reminds us that age is relative.
It's a beautiful image.

Keith told me that the woman holding the tree is now 105 years old and an MHA resident. When he visited her recently he was asked if MHA would like the sapling, still very small and it is now planted and growing in Auchlochan Retirement Village, Scotland.

I glimpse God's glory in all those who work with and volunteer for MHA.
I glimpse God's glory in the faithful and prayerful lives of older Christians.
I glimpse God's glory in the amazing truth that God loves and knows me among all the greater and longer living parts of creation.

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