Friday, 26 July 2013

Bread and Blessings

An unexpected gift arrived in the post this morning - a beautiful hand baked loaf of bread from 'Somewhere Else', the Methodist Church in Liverpool's city centre. It came with this brief but powerful message:

Bread and blessings. I have been thinking about that phrase as I have looked at the loaf of bread. 

This bread has been carefully made by a person unknown to me but part of the community that gather at Somewhere Else. Somewhere Else offers a welcoming, inclusive, quiet space where people meet together with God and bake bread. Bread-making that is a means of fellowship and an invitation to share. The making and sharing of bread, a basic and delicious source of food is at the centre of this community of faith. The bread they make sustains them and is sent out from them to sustain others.

If you want to find out more about 'Somewhere Else' their website can be found at  There is much more to find out!  I have never been to 'Somewhere Else' but they have reached out to me. What a great model of Christian mission.

Thank you, I look forward to eating the bread!

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