Friday, 12 July 2013

Glimpses of glory at Conference

After a week of busyness, I finally have time to sit and reflect on Conference. On Monday and Tuesday evening our guests from the Methodist Church and partner churches around the world, spoke to us about the glimpses of glory they saw in Conference. So, I ask myself, where did I glimpse glory?

I glimpsed glory in the prayers, good wishes and love that surrounded Daleep and I, not least from those who looked after us behind the scenes.

I glimpsed glory in the music and singing that was so much a part of our time together. 

I glimpsed glory in the worship. I will never forget the ordinands coming into Westminster Central Hall to the sound of hundreds of voices singing in Greek and clapping a complex rhythm. In those moments months of planning came together in something even more glorious than I had imagined.
Neither will I forget the quieter moments of worship and prayer, the sharing of bread and wine and the ordination service with the resounding affirmation, 'They are worthy!' Then there were those moments when we stood together in prayer to remember or to affirm.

I glimpsed glory in signing letters written to those we thanked and letters offering sympathy and love to those whose pain we shared.

I glimpsed glory in the commitment of the three politicians who spoke to some of us in the House of Commons about faith in politics.

Monday evening with MPs John Glenn, Stella Creasey and Sarah Teather after the Beckley Lecture.

I glimpsed glory in the sights and sounds of London by day and by night.

I glimpsed glory in stirring speeches, heated debate and moving testimonies.

I glimpsed glory in the creativity of the artist, the glass-makers, the flower arrangers and the caterers.

And, when I was at my most tired, I glimpsed glory in the words of understanding, and the laughter of friends.

There were a lot of glimpses and my blogs during the year will be glimpses. They may not be long or profound but I hope that my glimpses might encourage you to expect glimpses of God's glory and to share them with others.


Robert Gee said...

I glimpsed the glory of God as Conference sang the Lord's Prayer together - a tune I had learned as a child - yet now, as it seemed, I was transported to Heaven and was with the angelic choir with hundreds of voices in harmony! Yes, it was only Conference members, but in that moment I believe we were transported... lost in wonder, love and praise!

Anonymous said...

Reflections on the challenge to glimpse glory, as scribed at the Conference, with thanks to Madam President and the Spirit for the inspiration.

Ruth said...

Thank you for sharing this reflection, it was good to read it.

Anonymous said...

In making the pilgrimage during a rest from Chaplaincy in Nottingham, I was so blessed by 1) your inspiring message Ruth 2)being able to reflect on the Island's history of courage and perseverance 3)the beauty of worshipping with equality and joyful unity among so many diverse people. 4)being reminded of our Lord's commission to be goodnews even when we are broken and tired. I wish you strength and grace in you Presidency. Revd Anna.