Thursday, 16 August 2012


Technically this is holiday time, because Isabel and I had hoped to be in Poland for a few days after the European Methodist Festival in Krakow. In the event, not enough people signed up for the EMF and the festival was cancelled. However, with appetites whetted, with accommodation and flights already booked, we decided to go to Krakow for a few days anyway. The Old Town was fascinating, roaming round the old Jewish quarters made Thomas Keneally's 'Schindler's Ark' come alive, and the visits to the Salt Mines and Auschwitz, for very different reasons, will long live in the memory.
One evening we successfully found the Methodist Church in Krakow and were welcomed in off the street by the pastor, the Revd Josef Bartos, wife Ola and elder daughter Alexandra (see photo). Given the obvious disappointment of the cancellation of the Festival, it felt important to be a small encouragement to the church in Krakow; and we met a few British Methodists around in the city who felt the same way - I'm only sorry that we couldn't stay for the Sunday service. Encouragement is such an important part of church life. I have realised again in recent days, with many messages and cards of support for my year as VP, just how important it is that we encourage one another. Prayer is so important, and letting people know that we are holding them in our prayers is very powerful.

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