Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Last Sunday I was invited to preach at Watlington (Oxford Circuit) on the occasion of the Methodist Church's 200th Anniversary. A warm welcome, an air of celebration created by the large numbers of visitors that had enjoyed cream teas the day before, and a group of people who wanted to move forwards with God. It gladdened my heart to realise that a good number of local Anglicans had joined in the worship. It was a joy to be with them all, the bring and share lunch was of a very high standard, and the anniversary (fruit) cake rounded things off very well indeed! Below is a picture taken by Phil Crockett after the service. An excellent village occasion.
On Tuesday I was in London for meetings, notably about recent government initiatives on renewable energy. A real buzz about London in preparation for the Olympics. Then on to Methodist Church House to help with planning the Connexional Team service in September. Conversations with a number of old friends and colleagues. Good to hear up to date news from Sierra Leone, from Arnold Temple; that 'Singing the Faith' is being sold in such numbers; the sensitive way that the Fruitful Field report is now being progressed; that mission partners, the Harbottles, are all set for Haiti. I also saw Tom Quenet, who has volunteered as an 'ambassador' for the London Games. I wonder how many other Methodists have volunteered to be part of this amazing world wide celebration? This is what travellers coming to Heathrow will be greeted by - well the outer layers anyway! Thanks for the use of the pic. Very athletic and the colours suit you, Tom!

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