Thursday, 30 August 2012

The summer is over and winter is coming!

The mud was still drying on my favourite shoes – overcome as they were with the joyous downpours of blessing and rain at Greenbelt.  The first winds of the autumn came, hurrying up a final splurge of by now rather unwelcome courgettes and runner beans.  There are, after all, only so much of such richness that can be consumed by two of you, and only so many neighbours and friends that can face another generous visit and vegetable sharing conversation.  The summer is over and the end of the year approaches – the Methodist Year that is as well as the allotment year.

It was good to hear something of the harvest of the One Programme celebrations on the last day of August and meet the new OPP seedlings as they looked around rather anxiously in the Richmond room in Methodist Church house wearing remarkably clean and new OPP ‘T’ shirts.  Our One programme (youth participation) – placing young people in various posts around the country, is stunning.  Please follow the link to find out more!  I was there to do a short talk, to say thanks to the young people ending their time with us, and to say ‘hi’ to all the new arrivals.  Good day!  Good group!  Huge thanks needed for the Connexional Team involved – who are professional, caring, enthusiastic and calming!  Incredible.  And of course to say thanks to last year’s Youth President Sam Taylor and welcome this year’s Youth President Hayley Moss.

Mark Wakelin

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