Thursday, 12 July 2012

Vice President

After a triumphal attempt at blogging yesterday, I need to add some other highlights of the Plymouth Conference: Mark's address was excellent on Saturday, topped and tailed by the young women's choir from Edmonton (in the Enfield Circuit where I spent over 30 years). It was very special for me to be ministered to by youngsters I have seen growing up. The Sunday ordination service at Gwennap Pit was such a wonderful occasion, not just for the diaconal ordinands, but also everyone involved. When the rain came it added to the sense of joy without detracting from the sense of occasion. The thoughtfully provided white ponchos came into their own, but I have to report that Sue Culver provided Steve Wild and the Bishop of Truro with purple ponchos; and Steve seemed to be enjoying this distinction a little too much, I felt! Chatting to my neighbour, the same person that had received a soggy communion loaf from me shortly before, she turned out to be the Leader of Cornwall Council (we all looked the same under white ponchos! Is there a sermon there?)and was very impressed by the occasion and Eunice Attwood's sermon - a sort of prophecy about how to get out of the pit! I have come home via our son's house move near Salisbury, then on monday my work with village churches restarted. Good news, bad news, a bible study where people shared deeply about suffering, a well-intentioned letter misconstrued by the receiver, a week of rain and sunshine. And tomorrow a funeral for a much-loved and talented young man. Please pray for God's presence and peace for the family.

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