Tuesday, 29 March 2011


It feels as though the retreat was a very long time ago, but it was a good and refreshing time for me. I caught up on my sleep; spent time walking in the delightful country of the Brecon Beacons; committed myself to hour long times of dedicated prayer three times each day; and did some thought-provoking reflective reading. When I go on my annual hermitage retreat, I take with me very little. This year it was 3 books of hymns/songs (in case I need to look up the words of something that comes to my attention as I pray) my music (which this year I did not play at all) and whatever I may want to reflect with as well as my Bible. My reflection tools were simply some books about praying with Icons and the Icons themselves, plus my pastels for any drawing and the materials for creating my place of prayer. I so needed this space to let God re-focus my life! There was nothing dramatic at all - simply an awareness of my own need to "seek to be holy" and to be in God's presence. I explored how I seek the God who is always present The joy is that there is nothing to interrupt my seeking. Even my daily prayers for others are strengthened by this process of "retreat". I pray that those of you who read this may find your own way to become more aware of the God who loves you so much and patiently waits to be gracious to you.

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