Monday, 7 March 2011

Newcastle upon Tyne District Local Preachers Weekend in Saltburn

This weekend was spent in my home District of Newcastle upon Tyne leading our annual District Local Preachers Weekend at Brockley Hall in Saltburn.

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Our theme was Preaching that Engages and Transforms.

Session One - Great Expectations? We reflected on our expectations of Methodist Local Preachers asking, what is preaching and what is the purpose of preaching.
Session Two - A View from the Pew using a pilot research Project from St John's College, Durham.
Session Three - Our Contexts was spent looking at post-modern culture.
Session Four- Preaching that Engages asking what communication tools are needed in our pulpits.
Session Five- Preaching that is Transformational reflecting on our personal discipleship and the way in which the story of God has the power to change lives.

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