Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Rev Dr Calvin Samuel's Welcome to Wesley Study Centre

Being at the Wesley Study Centre on any occasion is always a great joy. In my normal day job I work as a part-time diaconal tutor at WSC. I believe passionately in theological education for lay and ordained and I'm proud of the contribution the WSC makes in the North East of England. This evening was a particularly special and important occasion, as the community of the Wesley Study Centre and St John's College, Durham welcomed Rev Dr Calvin Samuel as the new Director of WSC alongside his wife Ramona and family.

Rev Dr David Wilkinson, Principal of St John's College, Durham led the service of welcome and is pictured alongside Mr Michael Bird, Vice-President of St John's College who during the service signed the memorandum of association between St John's College and the Methodist Council.

Rev Dr Mark Wakelin, The Methodist Church, Secretary for Internal Relationships preached the sermon and Rev Ruth Gee presided at Holy Communion.

Some of those attending the service.... Rev Dr Jocelyn Bryan and her daughter Rachel, Mrs Susan Howdle (ex Vice-President) and Rev Eden Fletcher (Superintendent of Newcastle Central Circuit and a member of WSC Management Committee.

More guests at the service and Professor Peter Howdle (Chair of Management Committee)

Rev Martin Turner (Superintendent, Westminster Central Hall)and his wife Biddy,
Rev Dr Angela Shier Jones and Susan Howdle.

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