Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Poverty and Need ~ and the Church's response

After an amazing time in Eunice's home District, I went straight to London to join the TUC Rally in our own Westminster Central Hall. It was good to be invited to be part of a gathering sharing concerns for the poorest and most vulnerable in our society - especially after rejoicing in Newcastle with the projects which we support in so many ways.

From there it was off to Bolton and Rochdale, starting with the work of the Wigan Mission.

Just the food part of the work for the homeless and others in need at The Brick - it was the Bricklayers Arms! So much hard work being done by caring and thoughtful people.

We sat in their prayer room and shared stories with many people - and as always we were fed. There was more sharing (and another meal) in the evening. We rejoiced in the opportunity to meet with a number of people engaged in community work around the District; to hear yet more stories and to encourage one another. It was particularly fun to discover that allotments can be a place of healing and fellowship in the North West of the UK as well as in Cameroon! Expensive new developments alongside work in smaller groups with young people and others - and all in various partnerships - gave us more stories to remember and pray about.

Another day, another Quiet Day, remembering that those who serve and care also have needs which God delights to meet. There is always space to share what we need to question or what we have learnt - but only for those who choose.

And then sharing in worship with friends from long ago and friends newly made, in a circuit which is working on old and listed buildings in order to be able to better serve tody's community. Grateful thanks for welcome and hospitality and God bless and keep you all.

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