Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Fun of Teaching and Preaching

From Birmingham to Cumbria, and each time to enjoy being with amazing people!

First of all at The Queen's Foundation, for Eunice and I to spend an afternoon with a wide variety of students as well as members of the staff. We shared in seminars, had meals and tea/coffee together, and rejoiced in an inspiring service in the chapel. It was my priviledge to take communion to George who was not well enough to be in chapel with us, and whose story is simply amazing.

We had a great day but for me the worship was the highlight. The gifts of music; of signing; of different cultures and languages - plus the depth of peoples' faith - made me want to sing. It certainly made preaching a joy.
Kirkby Lonsdale was different again! But still the preaching was a joy. Here there was not quite the same variety of cultures, but yet more gifts of music, participation and faith. And this brief entry is my thanks to the Methodist people for this wonderful experience.

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