Monday, 1 March 2010

Westminster Central Hall

Yesterday I preached at the morning service at Westminster Central Hall. With 'scheduled works' on five different underground lines, the journey was more complicated than many of the much longer ones I've been doing this year. I shared in the leadership of the worship with Martyn Turner, Tony Miles (with his 'friend' Darren - a somewhat irreverent puppet) and Jane Middleton. Music was led, beautifully, by Director of Music, Gerard Brooks, the choir and a small ensemble of instrumentalists (picture shows them in rehearsal) - the magnificent organ has currently been removed for major work.

Talking with people after the service made me aware of how many different networks have some kind of link into the Central Hall and its work, including - of course - the other churches in Westminster and the Palace of Westminster with all that takes place there.

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Anonymous said...

Please would you make this a top prioritty for prayer and also contact the Foreign Secretary about our brothers and sisters in Christ in Jos, Nigeria who are being systematically murdered by radical muslims. Village by village they are being hacked to death and beheaded, men,women and children even babies ( Christian TV- Revelation this morning ) Thankyou.
From Carole--Concerned Christian