Monday, 1 March 2010

Earthquake in Chile

Reports are becoming clearer about the devastation caused by the massive earthquake that struck Chile at the weekend. The epicentre is close to Temuco and the area we visited in September last year. At the time we were taken to Puerto Saavendra, a fishing village that had been destroyed by the major earthquake of 1960, then one of the biggest recorded. Chile is a country that has had to learn to cope with such disasters.

Rev Pedro Grandon, (standing on my left in the picture), a former presiding bishop in the Methodist Church in Chile, and the leader of Obra Rural Metodista (see my earlier posting from 18.9.09) was working with a Volunteers in Mission team near the epicentre of the earthquake and as of yesterday the local church have not yet been able to make contact with him or the team.

Please pray for them and their families at this difficult time, and for all those affected by the earthquake.

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