Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Lay Employees and Children and Youth Workers Conference

Today I returned to High Leigh for the 3rd time in as many months, this time to spend the day at the Lay Employees and Children and Youth Workers Conference. The Conference brings together over 100 lay people from across the Connexion to learn and share together. Mark Wakelin described it well in his introduction when he said that, “Methodism has a habit of chasing behind what God is doing and trying to understand it in that one of the phenomena of our Church in recent years has been the growing number of lay employees and children and youth workers. They are changing the landscape of the Church with new insights, new was of working, renewed passion and energy and a willingness to approach issues without the burden of “we’ve always done it this way””.

This is something I spoke about in my Conference address and both David and I have seen repeatedly over the last few months. It was therefore good to meet again some of people I’d already met during my travels this year and a group from the Darlington District which we’ll be visiting over the next few days.

I’d been invited to lead evening worship and a workshop on the situation in Israel/Palestine and how we should be listening to the voices of Palestinian Christians. It was quite topical with today’s news about US Vice-President Joe Bidden condemning plans to build 1600 new homes for Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem. It led to an interesting discussion about the challenges the situation there raises for all of us.


Chris Brown said...

Always good to hear about how the church is developing. I note that we Methodists are always claiming that we run behind God trying to make sense of what things but I don't think that Methodists can make an exclusive claim to this one. If you read the history of the church it is one long tale of having to adapt and try and catch up with God. Perhaps if we aren't having to do this then it shows something is wrong.

James said...

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