Wednesday, 16 September 2009

London District Synod, September 12th

While Richard was at Leeds District Synod, I attended the London District Synod (of which I am a member). We met at Westminster Central Hall and it was a particularly good day. The overall theme was ‘Church without walls’ and the morning opened with a lively and very funny DVD produced by ‘Applecart’ (if you haven’t heard about them visit their website!) Micky Youngson then showed her potential as a chat show host, with four interviews exploring different aspects of ‘church without walls’ – including the street pastors’ scheme; work with released offenders; ‘Toddler Praise’; and a preview of Anthony Reddie’s latest book. I’d been invited to explore the ‘church without walls’ theme further, and did so after lunch. The regular business of the Synod was dealt with in under an hour and the day finished with worship, with music from the Herne Hill children’s choir.

Technical hitch!
If this entry on the blog is out of chronological order, I apologise. I wrote it straight after synod (so excited was I) and tried to publish it, but my laptop is doing strange things so this blog disappeared into the ether. Hopefully, normal services are now resumed!

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URL for Applecart please? Google doesn't offer a definitive answer. Thankyou!