Sunday, 20 September 2009

Christ the Cornerstone, Milton Keynes

Today saw the annual covenant renewal for members of the Church of Christ the Cornerstone, in Milton Keynes. Here five denominations (Baptist, Church of England, Methodist, Roman Catholic and United Reformed) work and pray together in the UK’s first city centre ecumenical church. I had been invited to preach at the 9.00 Communion Service and the 10.30 Covenant Renewal Service – both of which were led by the Ecumenical Moderator, the Revd Dr Mary Cotes. It measnt an early start from London, but the roads were nice and cklesar at that time in the morning.

I much enjoyed the opportunity to share in these services. The church building is very impressive, and imaginatively used. The music was excellent. I met several old friends and many new ones. And the visit to Milton Keynes provided an opportunity for a family get together over lunch and through the afternoon, as my sister and brother-in-law, their offspring, their offspring’s offspring and their offspring’s offspring’s offspring live in and around Milton Keynes. Thomas James, the youngest member of our family, was born just before the start of the Wolverhampton Conference at which I became President – so he and I sort of share a birthday.

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