Wednesday, 3 December 2008

To Oswestry and Ellesmere

Most Methodist gatherings end up in the kitchen and at Oswestry it is no different! How much do we owe to those members of our congregtions who are faithful washers-up?
This is a serious question because it points up the importance of hospitality as a sign of God's grace- a theme which the President has been pursuing throughout this year.
So it was good to be made welcome by the people of Oswestry Methodist Church - part of an English District but just on the border with Wales.
Their newly-appointed minister, Sue Altree, led the service and the first candle on the Advent Ring was lit. The Church has extensive premises, and the Hall is used during the week as a Pre-School. Rewiring has recently taken place and further renovation works are planned.
I was being well looked after by Jean and Clive Maddock (pictured below) who were members at my home church but have now moved to Ellesmere.
In the afternoon they drove me a little way out of the town to Main Road Chapel (bottom picture) where I was planned to preach at the afternoon service of Holy Communion.
Theirs is a small but faithful congregation, who manage to serve coffee every fortnight without a connected hot water supply. I was pleased to bring the greetings and prayers of the whole Connexion and privileged to share in the the breaking of bread together in that place.

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