Friday, 9 May 2008

what's new and lacking concentration!

Well I got back from Guernsey ok. No bags went missing this time, and I arrived in one piece.

Bank Holiday monday was a real treat. I went sailing with some old college pals now stationed in Guernsey. We went to Sark, had lunch and returned, almost all under sail - fantastic!

Tuesday I shared in a staff meeting with the local circuit ministry team. I haven't had many opportunities this year to meet small groups of ministers so this was a real treat. Then it was off to the Guernsey 'parliament' to see the elections for some of the key posts in the new parliament. I listened to a few speeches.... I was like being back in Conference!

Then the plane home and straight off to London where I attended two days of meetings, the first day mainly to do with 'my other job' which, try as I might, keeps dripping into my life; the second day to share with 'Fresh Expressioners' and reflect on how that whole thing is going.

This morning I opened a school in Ashford, Kent with Bishop Stephen of Dover. I've never opened anything before (except things akin to cans of beans!) so it was a real privilege. And what a lovely school it was, the fruit of a happy partnership between the Methodist Church and the Church of England. So how appropriate it is named 'The John Wesley School'. Amen!

I write this from London. I should be preparing my sermon for tonight at Westminster central hall, as part of the Pentecost Festival event in London, but I'm finding it hard to concentrate, so I thought I'd update the blog instead! I'll let you know how it goes in due course, but it is an occasion when I know I will miss Rob (Frost), bless him, who should have been here this weekend...

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