Sunday, 25 May 2008

At home at Cliff College

The Cliff College Festival is in full swing. It began on Friday evening, and, as you know from Ruby's blog, we were in London for Wesley Day yesterday, Saturday. Now it is Sunday and I've slipped out as several worship events of different types and styles fill the air.

I really fell for it on Friday. For several years now Steve Wild and his green alter ego Clarence the Frog have had a chatshow. Steve asked me if I'd pop in for a few minutes. I duly did so and walked right into a 'this is your life' ambush! Pictures of me as a baby, a spotty adolescent, and dressed up like a Christmas tree at my PhD ceremony wer shown to all via data projector. Steve had sweet talked my parents to part with ancient photographs and had scanned them all in. How embarrassing!

My good pals Martin Turner and Leo Osborn had also been tipped off and turned up to tell exaggerated stories about me! Even more embarrassing!

I am not at my best when being mad a fuss of. It is one of many achilles heels. I just don't know where to put myself. But on the other hand it is really wonderful to realise that you are loved and respected by so many folks - and enormously humbling.

The embarrassment will pass. But the abiding memory of so much affirmation and affection will live on as I enter my last few weeks not only as President of Conference, but also Principal of Cliff College.

Time to do the rounds of the College again. Still time to decide to come tomorrow, Bank Holiday Monday!

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questionsaboutfaith said...

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