Saturday, 3 May 2008

From Jersey to Guernsey

Well after a couple of great days in Jersey I've just arrived in Guernsey for the second half of the 'Channel Islands' visit. We arrived on Thursday and since then have met the Lieutenant-Governer (see photo), and led a well attended evening meeting in St Aubin Methodist Church. Yesterday, Friday we met other church leaders on Jersey for an interesting conversation and a large cooked breakfast! Then on to BBC Jersey for an interview. 'When did you arrive?' '24 hours ago'. 'What observations about Jersey would you like to pass on to listeners?' 'Well, none really, I mean I've only just got here!' Scintillating radio!

We then went to meet the Bailiff, and witness the royal court in session. Ruby came across another mace - a bit like the one she carries around in Parliament, but I'll let her tell you all about this debating chamber. Then last night we had a nice gathering of the ministers, spouses and circuit officers. A very friendly crew they are too.

This morning was spent looking round properties belonging to a Jersey Christian Housing Trust, in which Methodists play a leading role. Then a nice lunch, followed by the shortest flight I've every been on in my life - 12 minutes - and here I am in Guernsey. Will log in again before I leave on Tuesday afternoon.

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