Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sharing in Ruislip

This weekend has been quite light on the VP front, apart from the odd phone call, e mail etc and on Saturday night Garry and I went to hear Kate Rusby at the Cadogan Hall. Excellent. We really enjoyed it. Then this morning I had been asked by our minister, David Bidnell, if I would share something of the year so far. It was lovely to be among folk who know me and I probably spoke for longer than I had intended but they were very gracious (all this in a service with the Church AGM and communion!). It was good to use the new technology there too which behaved well under Terry's excellent management. It was interesting to reflect on how different it felt from rushing into and out of places where you are an unknown quantity. Still not much time to reflect as we raced off to have lunch with Garry's mum. That's the thing about these occasional days off. They're so busy. Still, back to work tomorrow (after a short detour) and the Channel Islands on Thursday. Hope the sun keeps shining.

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Mr John Cooper said...

Have I misread your blog Ruby? Are you saying that attending a Kate Rusby concert counts as an official activity of the VP of the Methodist Conference - if so sounds like a cracking job to have!

Warm Regards Ever