Thursday, 24 April 2008

'doon sooth'

Back from Shetland, back 'doon sooth' as Sheltlanders refer to anywhere else in Great Britain other than their own islands - even Scotland. And, as Ruby mentions, what a great time we had.

The three services on Sunday were all quite different. The morning at Walls was a lively affair with a little worship band and hearty singing. The afternoon service was in a chapel as remote as any I have every preached in. We wended our way into the moors and when we arrived I could not see any other building in any direction - and you could see for miles. The regular congregation of a small handful meets monthly, but a huge crowd of about 20 turned out for this service. The evening service was in Scalloway (Scalwae!) and a district affair. The church was full and as always these people were serious about their faith. They travel for miles to get to worship and their loyalty and devotion to God and each other is highly impressive.

On monday I was taken north to the islands of Yell and Unst, via ferry. I went to Haroldswick Methodist Church, the most northerly chapel in the British Isles. And very nice too. The foundation stone was laid by Donald English in 1990 and it was opened in 1993.

On the way back to Yell we set off on the ferry, got half way across the water then turned back in order to pick up two cars that had arrived late! Shetland is like that. Drivers wave to each other as they pass, and everyone acknowledges each other.

Back on Yell we visited another little chapel, were made very welcome, and served the neverending supply of traybakes and tea. This place is not for dieters!

Tuesday morning I left Shetland, via Edinburgh then Birmingham arriving back at College later afternoon. Just in time to catch up with a pile of mail and emails. So I have hit the ground running.

Today Helen and I are having a 'packing up day'. We are summoning up the courage to venture into the loft to begin to chuck out and keep various things, ready for our house move which, we hope, might be able to take place in June. That would be good, so please pray the processes involved go smoothly and we can get one transition taking place over summer earlier than late July and early august.

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Olive Morgan said...

I've just sent off our May Prayer Guidelines (which includes your itinerary) for printing but we will certainly include your move in our June Prayers.