Saturday, 5 April 2008

Coughing and spluttering

I am writing this sitting in my dressing gown having spent yesterday in bed. After CLT on Wednesday I went into work and by Thursday wasn't feeling great but put it down to some of the pressures there. A splitting headache meant I cried off from going to the Tony Blair lecture which I had been looking forward to. Just to add to the general fed up feeling I went to the tube station and found that the Jubilee line was not running due to power cuts. I had to find an alternative route along with hundreds of others, pushing our way onto trains that were already full to bursting.
By later in the evening the sneezing was in full flow and I rang David Perkins in the Isle of Man to suggest I waited unti today to join them. He listened to my voice and said "Don't come at all!" I didn't take it personally and he was obviously right as I don't think I would have been able to do very much. I am now taking various cold remedies and being waited on hand and foot by my husband. Every cloud...............
Am hoping to be well enough to set off at the crack of dawn on Monday to Cameroon to visit some MRDF projects. Am praying for the people in the Isle of Man and for a return to health.

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Sally said...

Prayers for your health Ruby, and for a wonderful trip to Cameroon.