Thursday, 14 February 2008

With the prophets

Just got back from Birmingam, where I've spent the last 24 hours in the stimulating company of those attending the Black/Asian Methodist Ministers/Deacons Consultation.

It was a rich time of listening to Christian folk who's experience of our Methodist Church is a mixture of great blessing and great trial. They gently but clearly expressed a sense of frustration at 'not being properly used' and not knowing how to best engage with many of the processes and structures of our Church. Ring any bells?

They were particularly aware of the low numbers of 'home-grown' Black and Asian ministers and deacons enriching our Church, and are anxious to know what best to do to increase the numbers. Any ideas?

It was clear to all of us that the face of Methodism in this country is changing. One minister spoke about a fruitful ministry among Ghanaian people in London, and another of a large and vibrant Black Methodist congregation.

I replied, and fully believe, that God's renewing will entail a much greater offering and receiving of the worship, faith, ministries, sense of justice (and injustice) and models of discipleship that Black and Asian Methodist Communities bring into our midst. 24 hours with these good folk, some of whom have to cope with what I could not, makes me feel I have been with a prophetic community in our Church. Thank you all.

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Sally said...

we need to hear the prophets speak, I suspect there are many more with prophetic voices throughout the Connexion. God grant us ears to hear, and hearts to obey.