Monday, 11 February 2008

Back home...

Home in this instance is not the frosty, magnificent Peak District, but my return to the West Yorkshire District yesterday.

I was born in Bradford, and it was a delight to lead worship in St Andrew's last night, thank you all for a special time.

I was a minister for five years (1986-91) in the Shipley and Bingley Circuit in that District, and was delighted to be able to preach at the 140th anniversary of one of my former 'charges', Saltaire Methodist Church. They were, I'm delighted to say, in fine form. We were all on our best behaviour: the members telling me that I hadn't changed a bit (except for gray hair, wrinkles, gammy ankle and two stones round the waist!) and me reciprocating in kind! The sanctuary was beautifully decorated, and the data projector provided words for prayers and hymns, and (for me at any rate) enhanced the worship.

They took the liberty of showing some surprise photos on the screen at the start of the circuit, of me while a minister with them, at a church weekend, at a baptism etc. How slim and good looking I was then - what on earth has happened to me?! However - and I shall be approaching David Gamble for advice about this, so be warned Ronnie Mallinson and Barrie Horsley - I did not appreciate the pic of me dressed up as a giant emu with yellow underpants on, in the church panto! The things we do... and wish we hadn't!

Seriously, it was lovely to see so many faithful souls - and some new folks too - and catch up a little on news. We had a lovely lunch and a great time.

Thank you all for making my brief trip 'back home' a lovely and memorable one. You are special people.

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Sally said...

will the Giant emu photo be posted on this blog???