Monday, 11 February 2008

Celebration in Hoddesdon

On Saturday evening I went to Hoddesdon Methodist Church to speak after the meal to celebrate the refurbishment of the Church sanctuary and foyer. The foyer really felt welcoming and drew you in and there had obviously been extensive work moving the pulpit from one side of the sanctuary to the other and making it a welcoming open space.
We had a great meal and the opportunity to meet people including Robert who was visiting from Ghana and the Beech sisters who may or may not be related to us! Everyone seemed pleased with the work that had been done including a couple who had travelled back from the South Coast to see the changes to the church they had been married.
I spoke and took questions after dinner and then we all went off recognising that this refurbished church was a great place to join together and be a witness for God and a facility for the community but that wherever we went God was with us.

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