Saturday, 26 January 2008

The girls take over tonight!

As the President is watching the footie Sharon and Amanda have been tasked with the blog tonight. Another dusty day on Uganda's bumpy rural roads for Martyn - or "The Reverend" as he is being called here and he would like this practice to be continued at home.

The highlight of the day was visiting a well under construction - the women and children were carrying the rocks to the 20-foot hole where a young man taking his turn at the digging. The Reverend discovered what hard work it is to haul the mud up from the bottom. He made a great speech about partnership - the generosity of the Methodist people in the UK, MRDF using its expertise along with its local partner, VAD, but also the people of the village doing the hard work!

We visited the home of Thomas and Faith, an elderly couple who had benefitted from a latrine. The community leader had selected them because their son had died of AIDs and they are looking after his two children. Faith told us how ashamed she used to feel when visitors came because they had no toilet. This small thing has clearly improved their quality of life.

The staff and PTA at three primary schools who have received water tanks and/or latrines talked about the challenges they face (one had no classrooms at all) and how these simple things would make such a difference to the students. The parents explained how the children share their knowledge of good hygiene practices at home.

It was here that the Reverend discovered a deep interest in brick-making (honestly). So if things don't work out for him as General Secretary he will have other options...

Fearing the effects of the bumpy ride home Sharon couldn't help but "christen" one of the brand new latrines. Sorted!

PS Amanda has not lost or stolen anything today - yet. Footie has finished so the Reverend has re-appeared and is asking for dinner.

He'll get his own back tomorrow.


RubyB said...

I don't think I will be able to bring myself to call him "The Reverend"! Ican think of some other titles but won't share them here. Sounds like the trip is going well. Take care all of you.

Micky said...

Sounds like you're having a great trip. Who won the football? It's really encouraging to hear how people are able to change their lives because of good partnerships.

Thackley Methodist Church said...

Christening latrines, trying wells - as ever, Sharon is "hands on". Looking forward to some pics and a write up for Focus!!! Take care.