Friday, 25 January 2008

Anecdotes with Amanda part 2

Great day on the (incredibly bumpy roads - a bit sore in various parts of the anatomy!) visiting 4 different projects all undertaken by the MRDF partner VAD (Voluntary Action for Development).

We went first to a shallow well. Previous to its arrival folk had drunk water from a half stagnant spring pool, and got malaria etc for their troubles. Not to mention sharing the spring with all the livestock. The lovely new well, with a great water pump (which sharon insisted on trying out) now provides clean water for the whole village. Water still needs to be boiled before drinking, but the villagers readily testified to a dramatic reduction in illnesses, stomach bugs and lots less money spent on hospitals (which they haven't got). In a nutshell, they were delighted.

Then it was to another kind of well, before meeting a delightful old couple just thrilled with a large Water Jar situated outside their modest house. It is supplied by water from their roof and effectively removes a long walk down a hill to get water. They insisted I get up and have a look - I was more nervous of the 'girls' tipping me in than the racketty ladder.

The last visit was to a primary/secondary school where a 10k litre water vat was in situ, reducing the need for water collection from some distance. But it was the latrines we went to see. These had enabled boys and girls to 'pay a call' separately, and increased hygiene considerably. We had a lovely question and answer time with the kids, who were, as always, so welcoming and delightful. It was good to see that there is a PTA and a school council involved in improving all manner of things in this remotish village school. The school mottos was 'Jesus never fails'. Amen to that!

We would have got home a little earlier than we did, but Amanda, fresh from her success of reconnecting with her contact lenses (see yesterday), discovered that she had pinched the room key of the previous night's lodgings. We returned and ate humble pie. This, it needs to be said, after she explicitly reminded me and Sharon to hand our keys in - which WE did.

More tomorrow.
Keep us in your prayers. Martyn, Sharon and Amanda

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grandadian said...

Good to hear of your travels. Hope all goes well.
We remember you in our prayers at Guiseley Methodist Church