Tuesday, 29 January 2008

almost home... in Nairobi

From an internet cafe at Nairobi Airport...

Nice last day. Had a taste of a third MRDF partner which helps farmers get high yeilds from crops. Seems to be very effective, and another example of the 'getting a lot for a little' policy so successfully pursued by MRDF.

The kindness and hospitality of Arfricans is incredible. Special thanks to Benedict, Paul (Sharon's favourite driver), Mabel, Lilian, Asuman, Godfrey, Carol, Val, Frederica, Angelica and all the crew for making our short visit so meaningful.

Sharon and Amanda have finally gone insane. They have now taken to playing the role of Maulder and Scully out of X Files who talk into imaginary microphones, in order to 'protect the President'! This was so effective that Sharon got all the way into the airport before she realised she had left all her stuff in the overhead locker!

Back home in the early hours then home for Agent Amanda (who lives in London) and a train to all points North for Agent Sharon and me.

Next visit.... Chester and Stoke on Trent at the weekend. Thanks for reading, and thank you MRDF. You are doing a Great Job.

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micky said...

Glad the special agents got you back safely Mr President. I'd take a bullet for you, but would rather it didn't go through any vital organs (or mess my hair up!). Sounds like a great trip.