Saturday, 14 June 2014


On Tuesday I saw another wall...the peace wall in Belfast.
It is a wall that has stood for many years. A reminder of complex realtionships. A reminder of the intransigence of some differences. Also a reminder of the need for peace.
The human urge to write on it, to paint on it, to photograph it is evident both from my observation and from my own action.

Inevitably I was reminded of the separation barrier in the land that so many call holy.
There are many important differences between the walls - but both are walls.

In Bolivia I visited a home which was one among many built behind a security wall. There was a keeper at the gate, for the protection of the residents. They were securely enfolded from the insecurity of the surroundng area, others were not so (un)fortunate on the other side of the wall.

In Salisbury the magnificent Cathedral spire reaches to the skies and Elisabeth Frink's walking Madonna strides puposefully towards the city. At night the gates of the Cathedral Close are locked and it becomes a safe place, a place set apart - and Mary cannot get out.

Walls are everywhere. Some more obvious that others. Some more threatening. Some more clearly built on injustice.

Some walls are invisible but no less real for that.

I remember the the day that people began to break down the wall in Berlin.

I pray that walls of division and injustice will fall, I pray for the will and commitment to words and actions that work for justice and freedom.

I have become very aware of walls -

Remind me Lord, that no wall can keep you imprisoned for nothing can separate us from the love of God.

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