Thursday, 19 June 2014

Celebrating 200 years of Methodism in Desborough and the inauguration of a new diocese

After returning from Scotland I had a day of catching up in Darlington before travelling to Desborough in the Kettering and Corby Circuit on Saturday. I was preaching at a service of thanksgiving for over 200 years of Methodist presence in the town. The first Methodist Church was built in 1814 though Methodists had been meeting in a house before that.

In 1969 the Methodists formed a partnership with the Church of England which was the first of the kind in the country and still continues. Anglicans and Methodists share the Parish Church of St Giles and the Methodist hall and rooms.

The Chair of District, Peter Hancock was present as was the Bishop of Brixworth. The Superintendent Minister, Revd Margaret Eales welcomed us all and we celebrated Methodism and ecumenism looking forward with hope. After the service there was a barbecue, so I returned home well fed and having enjoyed a good time with the people in Desborough.

On Sunday I went to York Minster to attend the service confirming the election of Nick Baines as Anglican Bishop of Leeds and inaugurating the new diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales. It was a great celebration of Pentecost and of new beginnings for the diocese.

Walking to York Minster

We were given a picnic to take away with us after the service in York Minster. all those carrying yellow bags had been in the Minster!

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