Friday, 15 November 2013

Silence at Cenotaph and in studio

People at Westminster Abbey
 Last Sunday I represented the Methodist Church at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. For me, this was a time to remember all those who have died in conflict; those serving in the forces and civilians. It was also a time to hold our human failings and frailty before God. The poppy is a reminder, both of the battlefield and of the transience and fragility of human life.

It was also a time that was personally significant as my grandfather was once the National Chairman of the British Legion and so had been at the cenotaph and laid a wreath. He was in my thoughts as well.

People arriving at Horse-Guards Parade, early on Sunday morning

In the evening I shared in the service in Hinde Street methodist Church and afterwards in a round table discussion with young adults and others as we shared food together.

On Monday I travelled to Stoke-on-Tremt where I had been invited to visit UCB Media. I was shown around the radio and television studios and met many of the staff, it was extremely interesting to get a flavour of the variety of work that this Christianmedia organisation is involved in. At 10.45 I was interviewed by Paul Hammond, talking about remembrance. At 11.00 we observed the 2 minutes silence in the recording studio and as 6 of us stood in silence in that small room, it was a moving and prayerful time.

Some of the staff working at UCB

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David Jolley said...

Brilliant - Thank you for being at one with ordinary people, sharing our thoughts and values in ordinary places. There is magic and meaning in what might seem mundane