Monday, 25 November 2013

Golden Jubilee at Brigg Methodist Church

A week-end of celebration in Lincolnshire was a good way to end one week and begin the next! Brigg Methodist Church was celebrating its 50th anniversary and 50 years in the present church building. Ofcourse, Methodism has been in Brigg for longer than 50 years but the present church came into being when three congregations joined together.

On Saturday afternoon I arrived from the United Reformed Church Mission Council, at which I am the Methodist representative. I was warmly greeted and given a welcome cup of tea before I delivered  a talk about my year so far. After this we had tea and shared the usual, very generous Methodist fare, including tempting cakes and delicious cheese straws (I find it very hard to resist cheese!). After tea others joined us from around the circuit for a service in which I preached.

During the service I was able to present a local preacher with a certificate marking 60 years of service, it is always a huge pleasure to present one of the certificates I have signed and it was good to meet Geoff. We also commissioned 3 worship leaders, Eleanor, Myra and Ros.

On Sunday I led worship in the morning along with worship leaders and local preachers who worship in Brigg Methodist Church. We had a good time of celebration together and after lunch with the two circuit ministers I left Lincolnshire to drive home to Darlington and a night in my own bed.

There are pictures to add to this blog but my camera is still in Darlington and I am now in London preparing for my next visit - to the RAF.

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