Thursday, 24 May 2012

Well I am Wesleyed out!  Since I last blogged I visited Grace Murray’s grave (the Newcastle lass he should have married!) preached on Wesley in Manchester and Durham, am now setting off to St Pauls Cathedral, Aldersgate Street and Wesleys Chapel here in London and tomorrow will be at the New Room in Bristol!  I reckon I have travelled faster and further than the Olympic torch!  To top it and tail it I have also been to Tolpuddle (of Martyrs fame) in the Southampton District and on Sunday will be preaching at Gwennap Pit in Cornwall!

And it is not just me who has “done Wesley” recently.  He is featured on Sunday Morning Worship (Radio 4), Sunday Half-hour (Radio 2) and Choral Evensong (Radio 3)!  Seems that some of the things that Wesley was about resonate with 21st century spirituality and discipleship and I have been glad to have been a party in celebrating that.

But it also has been good to see some of this being worked out in many and various ways this past fortnight – partnership with new churches, in cafes, drop-in centres, allotments and new housing estates and in preparing to welcome Olympians and their families and visiting the office of the Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes and Methodist Insurance has made me realise how they make much of this possible having as much of a desire that our heritage that serves the present age has no one else but realising that it is not always as easy as we might suppose.  But then as Wesley discovered nothing ever is yet it is always worth persevering!  Which is where we come in.

See you in a couple of weeks.

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