Thursday, 10 May 2012

In this merry month of May Joseph the Hymnographer’s words often came to mind during my visit to the Channel Islands District.  “Safe home, safe home in port, rent cordage, shattered deck, torn sails, provision short and only not a wreck”!.   Yes it rained and blew a bit so flights and especially sea crossings were “interesting” and David Hinchliffe, the Chair of District and I were marooned on Sark for 24 hours longer than expected but in God’s  providence it proved to be a particularly valuable time as did the visits to each of the islands – excluding Jersey which The Vice-President had already covered.  I was particularly inspired by The Jeremiah Project on Sark , where folk  were invited to help make a pot and then have it sent to them free of charge providing opportunity for the potter to recount the story (Jeremiah 18).  I suspect my pot will need a lot of work done on it!  (The gory details may well be seen on An Island Parish starting next year on BBC2!)

Celebrated my 60th birthday in Norfolk with family and friends, worshipping and partying together.  A good occasion and I’m more encouraged by my hairdresser who couldn’t believe I was a day over 45 (but then he only sees me from the back!) than the person who said I looked much older “in the flesh” then on the prayer card!

Regrettably I’ve only been able to spend 24 hours with the Deacons at Convocation as I’m now in the Southampton District for a visit but as usual I was inspired by the variety of service and the richness of ministry that our Deacons offer.

By the time I write next I shall have “passed through” Southampton, Manchester and Stockport, Sheffield (for my nieces wedding), Wesley Study Centre Durham, London, Bristol and will I hope have safely landed in Cornwall.  “And only not a wreck” I trust will still be the case!

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