Friday, 6 January 2012

“I’m busy doing nothing working the whole day through” has come to mind this past fortnight. Where has the Christmas/New Year break gone? Probably as for you in decorating and undecorating our house, collecting a Christmas tree, cooking Christmas dinner, visiting and being visited, wrapping and unwrapping presents and getting my journal up to date, preparing sermons and responding to emails – yes a few of these even on Christmas Day (sad or what?) and in the middle of it all trying to remember the person behind it all! So Christmas services were special – especially using the wonderful service of Holy Communion from MWB – and walking to midnight mass in a local village two miles away under a dark sky and a torch whose batteries gave way half way there was memorable too!

So after a meeting in London I’m back in the north-east before setting off to London again tomorrow. Two Covenant Services at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster and Hinde Street and then CLF at High Leigh. Fun as well as faith-filled I trust!

Happy New Year!

PS Full page article in the Aston Villa programme about Presidency, Prayer and Programme collecting! Mount Everest just as the team plumbs to the depths!

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