Wednesday, 18 January 2012

An eventful and very fulfilling two weeks - first at Methodist Central Hall Westminster and at Hinde Street for their Covenant Services. Very impressed with numbers of children at the first and 25-40's at the second. Three really good church visits to London (Wesley's Chapel last September). All quite different but each contributing to the wholeness of the Gospel.

Good to catch up with colleagues at Connexional Leaders Forum - missed seeing them as often as usual if not necessarily the meetings! Conference this year will have some important decision to make. Please pray for those preparing and attending.

York and Hull District visit included a day with Supernumeraries (where I was “welcomed” by a former President - see picture!) an excellent meeting with those from smaller churches where a candle was lit (see Stephen Burgess for further illumination), and a gathering with Superintendents, Circuit Stewards and Treasurers attending District Policy Committee to get some tips on how it should be run! Really helpful to have got a feel of how the District operates – so many similarities but significant differences in each place.

Sunday was very special. 200th anniversary at Kirkbymoorside with challenging questions from children including the youngest Heidi (pictured alongside Gwen – oldest member at 97!) Best question: “If you weren’t a Christian which religion would you follow?” Preached in the afternoon at York Minster where all my Mother’s Anglican DNA came to the fore! Pity reading was about Melchizedek and I only had 10 minutes! Evening at Tadcaster Circuit service – good choir, good food, good welcome, no beer! Then to Parliamentary Covenant service at the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft in the Palace of Westminster. A beautiful setting, large congregation and good opportunity to meet and talk with our Methodist MPs and Peers for a few minutes. Pray for them too!

Home for two days. Washing, preparing, catching up on correspondence, trying to recognise Charlotte and now to Isle of Man, Methodist Council, Holocaust Memorial Service and Shetland before I write again! It will all be special!

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Rachel said...

I fear I may be in trouble when said ex preseident of conference sees photo!!!! Rachel