Thursday, 17 February 2011

Northampton Distirct

It was very good to be able to visit the district in which I now live again! We travelled south first to learn about some of the new work that has been going on since I left the District nearly 2 years ago.

Chesham's "Church to Community" - C2C - is a very exciting involvement with a number of partners to serve the needs of the community around them.

We had a good day sharing and discussing, and hearing about all the groups involved. My grateful thanks for the joy of the day and for the commitment to God's work in that place. The closing Q & A was both challenging and inspiring - for me at least!

The next day was a District BibleFresh day in High Wycombe. There was a great buzz about the whole day and it was a delight to be able to lead a workshop on Bibliodrama as a way of engaging with the Scriptures, as well as to take part in other activities and to learn more about different forms of our response to the challenges of the BibleFresh events and promises. The banner includes my bare feet as well as many others!

The Sunday at Barrow in the morning and Mountsorrel in the afternoon, was an excellent combination of worship and more engagement with BibleFresh. It was a joy to meet many new people as well as to catch up with those with whom I once worked.

Monday was a Quiet Day at Yardley Hastings - a very familiar venue for me. It was good to be able to share with so many folk some thoughts around the idea that "Love Changes Everything"! We reflected and prayed and used the art materials ~ and talked during the lunch break! the fellowship was a joy, so thank you all very much.

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