Thursday, 17 February 2011

Connecting Disciples

I was very sorry to be able to give only one day to this important conference for such a variety of lay workers from around the Connexion.

It was, however, great to share even that brief time. As always, I learnt from them and the others contributing, and enjoyed offering some ideas about Listening to God ~ something I was very conscious that all of those present are doing daily in their service to God and the Church.
The Question Time and the end of my stay was full of laughter as well as information, thanks to the brilliant planning and leading ~ thank you Rob and the others.

These 2 posts are brief not only because that is mostly what I do when on line, but also because we are preparing to go to Israel/Palestine on Friday for a very full visit and some important conversations. Thankfully, God both goes with us and stays with you.

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