Thursday, 23 December 2010

LWPT ~ & Then Some More!

A wonderful week end with Local Preachers, Worship Leaders and friends, in which we were well looked after by the staff at The Hayes, Swanwick and by the very efficient organisers of this regular annual meeting.

We reflected together on the importance of Advent; on different ways of approaching the celebration of Christmas and Epiphany; and how vital it is to listen to the text. Those of us who have been part of the church for a long time sometimes have a tendency to think we know what a very familiar reading is about, and that may mean we don't give it proper attention. But what does it really have to say to us now?

I am grateful for all that was offered by the faith, experience and gifts of all those who shared the week end with us. Thank you.

After a couple of days at home, I set off through the snow, ice and other weather variants to lead a Quiet Day for a group of Church Leaders in the South-East. It was a joy to discover Wychcroft and receive the hospitality of a Diocesan House I had never visited before. We shared together in the day's reflections which was well worth the very long journey home again.

In case any of you wonder what I do with the days which are marked Reflection Space in the diary, they were intended to provide me with space to reflect on the events of this year and to try and hear what God might have to say to me as it progresses. They have turned out to be time to reflect on how I (and we) need to respond to the issues which people feel should have a high priority for my attention - their complaints, concerns, hurts, difficulties, sorrows, and much more. Here is not the place to explore that, but I am glad of time to think and pray before I, and others involved, reply. These days also give me time to write this - occasionally! - deal with a number of other Presidential matters, and even spend a little time with family!

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers ~ and have a blessed Christmas, whatever your personal mix of joy and sorrow. God bless you all.

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